JOUR199 Getting started in journalism

Thanks for a great semester!

Everyone can take well-deserved pride in our Freshest I website project, our portfolios and other individual projects in the class gallery.

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Remember to keep your portfolios updated throughout your time as a journalism major. You'll be able to use them as examples of your work when looking for a job and will review them with peers and professionals during your final semester as seniors.

A lot of the team and self-evaluation forms and revised gallery projects didn’t come back until very late into finals week, which somewhat short-circuited the plan to give you more detailed grading feedback than was provided in our one-on-one sessions. Plus, every student except one in the class listed A as his or her desired course grade, which really wasn’t feasible given the widely varying levels of performance, especially as noted with the final project.

That resulted in some tweaking our contract / portfolio grading strategy lest grades failed to adequately reflect varying levels of effort and performance. Each of you should have received detailed information by email about your grades in the course. If you have any questions, contact the instructor.

All in all, it was an enjoyable and productive semester. Don't forget to keep in touch as you move forward in your careers. One of the best ways, if you have a profile, is to connect via LinkedIn.