Completing our final projects

Now that we’ve had our final class session and an initial one-on-one conference to review your portfolio of work and your grading contract, all that’s left is to finish work on your final project  — a currently newsworthy piece that involves a very large number of interviews, including sound bites and probably charts, breakouts, hyperlinks, photos or video, and that is at least 800 very taut, very engaging words in length — probably ever longer.

As you know, the final project can be any kind of story about any topic you think would engage a campus audience. But it must be thoroughly reported and engagingly presented, and you must meet with the instructor to go over your progress well before the final deadline of 5 p.m. May 11.

Whether this is a hard news piece, an investigative piece, a human-focused feature, a profile or whatever is entirely up to you. Just make sure the idea is solid and quite engaging — the type of story lots of students would really want to read and would be surprised and emotionally impacted by. And make sure you leave absolutely no questions unanswered by following up on every potential angle your interviews uncover. “Fudging” main points or citing other published news stories instead of gathering information yourself isn’t allowed.

We’ll review your progress in one or more one-on-one sessions you can schedule using the form below and the same user name and password you used to register your attendance. You must meet with the instructor and get his blessing that your reporting, writing and organizing of the material are satisfactory to meet the terms of your grading contract. Be sure to meet far enough in advance of deadline to allow time to do additional work, if that’s the conclusion of the meeting.