Post your story proposals

Finishing up our interview assignment, it’s time to POST in the Story Proposals category your completed story proposals.

Start with a headline that you think will summarize the likely main point of your story — something previously unknown and somehow evocative of an emotional response.

Write a brief, one paragraph summary of what you think you will find. Add all the key sound bites you collected during your preliminary interviews, then list the names and contact information of additional sources you will want to consult to add such things as statistics indicating the scope of the issue, official reaction to it and additional first-person stories you might elicit.

Sell your idea. Don’t distort it beyond what you’re actually likely to be able to gather, but demonstrate how, if allowed the time to do it, you would be able to flesh out your idea into something worthy of your editor assigning you to it.

Your story proposals are due at the start of class Tuesday, Jan. 30.