Another Trumped-up assignment

As discussed in class, your task for  Feb. 6 is to revise your 250-to-500-word news story for U of I students about what President Trump said in his Jan. 30 State of the Union address. Pay particular attention to the  Covering speeches  page in this site’s Tips section and make sure you focus as succinctly as possible on what Trump’s priorities and plans are as they might impact students.

This is not intended to be something that will gauge reactions to his speech or assess his political standing. It should in no way indicate whether you (or anyone else, for that matter) personally supports or opposes the president. Remember to focus not on just the fact that he spoke or the topics he addressed but rather what he said about those topics that might be new and interesting to students.

At the end of your story, include a more fleshed out idea for a second-day local follow-up that would explore the implications of what he said or the background of an issue he raised as it might impact students and others within the university community. Do some additional research of this, posting audio from preliminary interviews you conduct regarding your idea and follow the general advice offered in the Tips page on Organizing Your Efforts regarding how to create a story proposal with all the parts that page recommends.

Use the same techniques to constantly update the story proposal you previously worked on. This will be an ongoing project throughout the semester. Keep seeking more information about that story and keep refinishing your proposal, question outline, topic tree and various bullet-point questions as you do more and more research.

don’t forget to record attendance

Remember that from here on out, you must log in during class each day to document your attendance. Use the username and password you created on the website consent form earlier this semester. You must log in between 9:50 and 11 :50 a.m. on every class day. Your IP address will be logged. It will be checked to ensure that you logged in from either a classroom computer or from your laptop being used in the classroom. You will be allowed a maximum of three absences during the semester.