Hello, sweetheart, get me rewrite!

While we continue to think about refining our story proposals using the techniques explained in the organizing your efforts tips page and also ponder additional refinements to our State of the Union stories and follow-up plans, using the same organizing strategies, it’s time to get a bit more basic and work on some simpler rewrites.

Before the start of class Thursday, Feb. 8, create and post in the appropriate category first drafts of each of these three stories: Story 1, Story 2 and Story 3, which now has additional information from an interview with the local chief of police. Be sure to review the basic writing tips page and AP stylebook (available only on Gregory Hall computers) before completing your work.

We’ll spend most of class going over your drafts and seeing whether you were able to identify what elements of the story would be most resonate with your audience, convey information with maximum impact and minimum wordiness or “loaded” words, and question aspects that need questioning. Be sure to include a headline in the “title” area of each post and make sure your posts go in the appropriate categories.

Information for Story 3 was updated at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday. The update may alter some key facts about the story.


If you’re writing directly into the post a new page form within the class website, you may want to consider adding to your computer a web-based program like Grammarly to help you identify and avoid spelling and grammar problems. You can’t do this on the classroom computers but can on your personal computer.