DI Improvement Ideas

  • Create an(other) app
    • Allows people to submit events they’d like us to cover, businesses they’d like us to feature.
  • Find ways to include quizzes on the website
    • What UIUC location are you?
    • Answer these questions and we’ll predict your major
  • Create some sort of website where people can leave anonymous reviews on housing?
    • Could be an interesting way to get the tea on what places are bad to live, what places have bugs, what places have poor management, etc. This could allow us to get more information about the places in town and perhaps get in touch with people who live in these places (I know this is a bit of a stretch).
  • Could perhaps put on some sort of show (post-COVID, for sure)
    • This could be something for buzz. Like a talent show/house show of sorts. Could give out a cash reward but maybe charge for entry and have our photographers/writers cover it.
  • It could be cool to have our own photographers/writers travel to cover big events so we’re not just taking submitted photos all the time
  • There’s a school paper that does a joke paper once a year. I feel like it could really up engagement to do something like that maybe once a semester. Something where there’s joke articles, or photos. It could be a meme edition, if you will.

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