Improving Engagement

  • More pointed social media
    • To me our social media presence seems neutered in a way. Trying very hard to be hyper professional but in a boring way
    • Try to have more of an edge, though in what way I’m not sure
  • Improve video
    • These also tend to be edited in what’s trying to be hyper professional but often seem kind of boring
    • This seems harder since there are less in person events to video, and I don’t want to see zoom recordings ever
  • Including sound bites from interviews on the website
    • Just like Professor Meyer suggested, and this should be easier than normal because interviews over zoom can be a lot easier to record than in person with background noise
  • Meme Edition
    • Agree with Cassidy on a Comedic Edition
    • I was a big fan of the Black Sheep and they went under, maybe we could have a regular section in our paper that is satirical in some way. it could be something interesting to push in our social media as well

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