11/6 Critique

  • For starters, I really like the cover of the salary guide, and the rest of it was pretty interesting as well. I don’t know if we usually use covers like that for this edition, but it seems right on par with what we’ve been talking about the last few weeks
  • Thursday’s paper had a good cover page from my perspective. The stories seemed interesting, or at least comparatively to the articles within the paper. I also think the pictures have improved, and they aren’t blown up to take up a huge amount of the page.
  • The main article on the cover of Monday’s paper is good, and the update on our region is a little less exciting but I think it’s necessary. I’m a little bored by the students experiencing burnout, because all I’ve heard since school started is burnout, so I’m not sure if that’s great news right now. I also liked the picture for the main article, but I guess there’s not really action happening in it
  • the layout of 3A for Monday looks a little weird to me with the two pics at the very top and then all text the rest of the page, but I don’t really know anything about layout so I don’t know if that’s a fair critique
  • I like the layout and cutouts on 1B for sports in Monday’s paper. More interesting to look at and read through
  • I think the features article on the age of politics skewing representation might have been nice for the cover in Monday’s paper. The graphs look good and I found the article more interesting than students experiencing burnout, but I guess there was already a graph on the cover
  • Our online felt like it kind of just operated as normal, so we probably could have done more with updates for elections.
  • The video we posted for election day was pretty good and I liked the incorporation of interviews into the video, another instance of the voice of the interviewee playing nicely. Not a huge fan of the football video we posted because the narrator just has a really low energy and it sounds like he’s whispering
  • Probably could have posted a lot more about the election on social media, like some live updates and things like that

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