Improving communication within the team

While I think that our team communicates well as people, after our discussion in class last week, I definitely think we can learn to communicate better in our positions as editors. Some of the ways that I can do that as ME for Visuals are:

  • Working closely with Ethan and Sam (or anyone on the team with experience in analyzing statistics) to create the most effective infographics. Infographics and data visualization have never really been my strong suit, so perhaps I can learn a thing or two from them. From a reader’s perspective, I know that good infographics are an important piece of a story, and if it’s the only thing people see, I want them to be good.
  • Connect with different sections. Sit down in meetings with news, sports, features, opinions, and buzz to discuss their visions and how my team and I can help bring it to life.
    • Maybe I could host “office hours” of sorts where people can come to me with questions or ideas. That way I can make note of them and discuss them with my design and photo teams.
  • Be more conscious and involved with the photography. Give more direction on what I would like to see for upcoming stories. I already talk to Ryan Ash, our photo editor quite a bit, so this should be an easy fix.
  • Share story ideas when they come to mind. I feel like as a designer, I sometimes don’t think I have much to contribute when it comes to actually creating the stories. After our discussions in this class, I definitely feel like I have some ideas to share with some of my fellow editors.

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